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Smart Kitchen Renovation Ideas

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the main hub where everyone in the house tends to spend quite much of their time. It doesn’t matter if you are eating or cooking, watching TV or reading a book or just entertaining, people always seem to make their way to the kitchen – family and guests alike. Because of this, it might make you want to do a Smart kitchen renovation in order to brighten the space up, add appeal, add in beautiful finishes, make it more organized, or just add some upgrades. But, before you go hauling your mate off to Home Builder Store, let’s take a look at some ways you can make your kitchen more efficient right now with what you do have. Most of these suggestions below won’t mean you need to knock down walls or rip anything up, instead, they are easy fixes to make a kitchen cozier, nicer, and more efficient for you and your family.

Counter Space

If you have minimal counter space, adding a bunch of things on top of it like a toaster, a mini oven, a spice rack and a blender might make things seem more unorganized than they really are. In order to fix something like this, it’s a better idea to only use your counter space for things you use every single day. The spice rack, for example, can stay, or you could get a lazy Suzanne and put that in your cabinets to stay organized and keep them out of view.

>Another thing to consider for your counter area is concealed outlets. These little outlets come in an array of colors and styles, they can be placed underneath your cabinets or even the lip of your counter top in order to stay out of view but still be convenient enough to use when you need them.

Sliding cutting board

These have come a long way. These boards can be installed inside of your kitchen island or your counter area and these quite literally slide out when you need them and then slide back into a pocket when you are done. Not only are these huge space savers, but time savers. Most of them are made out of wood. Sometimes you can even find ones that have a bin underneath the cutting board for things like scraps and trash.

Roll Away Kitchen Carts

These are a good option for people with small kitchens that want more counter space. Rollaway kitchen carts can be used as an island for more space, but they also roll away (have wheels on them) so when they are not in use, you can actually roll it away into another room and use it for a secondary purpose such as a coffee cart. Most of these will have some sort of a shelving or a cabinet unit on them so you can store an array of smaller objects and items in them.

Storage Spaces

Unfortunately, not everyone has the amount of storage they would like. In this case, it’s a good idea to utilize the space you have now in a more organized fashion. Here are a few ideas to consider if you need more storage space, but don’t have a way to create more.

A slide out pantry might be a new term to you, but this is a feature that many homeowners are using, especially when they have minimal space and need more. You know that little skinny space between your fridge and the cabinet or wall? You can actually build a pantry that is skinny enough to fit in between that space – add some cool shelving, some bars to keep everything in place, and paint it the color of your choice. You can then add wheels to the bottom of it so you can roll it in and out of that area whenever you need it.


Pegboards are also a really great way to free up some space in your drawers for other items. Pegboards can be, for instance, nailed or screwed to the wall behind your sink or above your stove. You can also add a magnetic strip to hang things like knives, metal gadgets and cookware like whisks and paddles. Once you start hanging things up on these pegboards, you really begin to realize how much space you freed up.

Pegboards for cookware is also another great option. You can either create a rack that hangs down over your kitchen island (think Julia Child style) or you can take a peg board and outline different objects like your sauce pots, saucepans, frying pan, cheese grater, strainer, etc. Then you will place your items accordingly onto the pegboard where the outline is. This can create a cool look and a conversation piece, but it is also such a big space saver.


There you have it, ideas that can smartly get your kitchen renovated.

Shariq Khan

Shariq is an enthusiast real estate; with his great insight in Toronto's market he has helped clients make and save tons of money.

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